AFS views on a Higher Power

Many have asked me what AFS believes. Of course we believe in God but it is a God of our individual understanding. We all understand our world differently and we all conceive of God differently. Most religions have rules that require their God to be Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent, and Omni whatever. Most people believe that religion can answer the questions that Science cant. The occurences above what our physical nature can explain is often pushed off to the metaphysical realm, hence deemed the realm of religion and God. Most ask the question, “Is there a God?”, or is the divine presence simply that which science has yet to explain that effect our lives on a daily basis?

Yes there are billions of things that science can’t explain that effect our lives on a daily basis. Since we are simply a small part of a whole in this thing we call a universe then everything that has yet to be explained or discovered will have some small direct or indirect effect on our life. Doesn’t have to be a god or a divine influence yet from a simple perception the divine is the only logical explanation since a simple mind cant wrap itself around the idea of the undiscovered or unexplained. Not to say all people that do indeed believe in a divine input are simple minded but given our current state of knowledge pertaining to the universe as a whole, we are all pretty simple minded in comparison.

As most who know me have been told, I believe that God in my understanding is not a lone entity controlling our universe but rather that God as I understand the concept is the collection of the whole. Collection of the whole means that as we are a small part of this universe, God as I understand him is made up of universes just as we are made up of cells. Just as planets are the components of the solar system, the solar system is the collection of the whole including the sun and asteroid belt surrounding us. In smaller terms, one computer by itself is a powerful tool but if you link them together via network and share their resources you have an even more capable tool because the information is shared. Files that one computer may have in its memory can be accessed by another computer making the network as a collection of computers better than one single computer because the information is more complete. Take one computer away with a file that no other computer has and the whole is diminished but still superior to the individual computers left. The network is the collection of the whole.

Human beings are intelligent corporeal beings meaning we have the ability to store information of a physical nature. We have the ability to experience feeling as well as emotion and the links between them. The force, or Qi, is the means of passing this information along to others. Our Force is the network cable connecting us to the vast network of human beings in this universe. All humans are connected to a router which in turn connects us to other routers connecting to other species. Now with my philosophy you can stop at the human router and call that god as most do, or you can continue to the collection of every router of every species of every universe and beyond. It doesn’t matter where you go because every step up is a being greater than ourselves, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent as most religions require of their God. It kinda goes to show that in all ways we are stronger together than we are alone. Together we create a force greater than one lone entity so in theory every time we group together towards one common goal, we can conceivably create a God by today’s standards.

My personal belief is that there is a corporeal being in which we all create. From My gods perspective, we are residents on a quark which makes up an electron which circles a nucleus of an atom bonding together to create molecules and cells which create his corporeal body. I adhere to this theory because it makes the most logical sense to my personal intelligence. If I ever get presented with a theory that makes more logical sense to my intelligence then I’m free to change my mind. That’s what I believe the most wonderful thing about All-Faith Spirituality is because the only limitation to your spirituality is your own imagination. Once you are consciously connected to the network, as opposed to the common subconscious connection, then your limits of imagination are infinite bringing your spiritual power to the same level of infinity. Its a real awakening to say the least.

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